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Corporate Culture
Corporate Culture

Corporate tenet: Develop entity, realize sharing, create and win-win together, return society

Core Idea: Go ahead bravely, Dare to bare, pay attention to innovation, strengthen service.

Enterprise Spirit: Self-Discipline and Social CommitmentAdvance Bravely and Scale New Heights.

Corporate Vision: Zhongtian is to be a steady and sustainable innovative enterprise with passion, love and responsible.

Corporate Mission: Create opportunity for employees, create wealth for customers, create benefits for enterprises, create value for the society

Management Principle: Humanistic ultimate Specification is rigorous

Quality Concept: Deepen quality management, improve product quality.

Operation Principle: Integrity oriented, innovation as a soul

Service Concept: Reliable Forever

Team concept: Gather industry elite, Build elite team.

Talent Concept: Everyone is talented. Competition tells more than selection

Employee Creed: Dedication to conscientious

Core Advertisement: Bumper harvest from Zhongtian.

Safety and Environment Protection Concept: Safety and Environment Protection decide success or failure; Cherish environment, Protect environment, respect environment.

Decision Execution Concept: Think more while make decisions, With high efficiency while execution. 

Crisis View: Preparing for danger when Safe and proceed when dangerous.

Integrity View: Take nothing which belongs to others.

 Corporate Value: By sharing same aim we become closer; by sharing same ethics we develop further.

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